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Parth Oza, Bhumik Shah, Nick Pandya

Kyaansh Navratri 2023

Dandiya with Pandya

Mark your dates and get ready to join us as we celebrate Navratri in its purest form at DANDIYA WITH PANDYA 2023

Kyaansh Productions Presents - Parth Oza

First Time Ever in Canada

Unlocking the Boundless Potential Why Connect with Kyaansh

Bridging Cultures through Traditional Art and Culture in Canada

Realizing Dreams through Art: Kyaansh's Commitment to Tradition

Empowering Canadian-born Indians: Kyaansh's Journey of Cultural Exchange

Creating Connections: Kyaansh's Mission to Unite Artists and Learners


Production House whose sole purpose would be to work for a collaboration between the traditional, folk, and classical performing artists with the local artist.
As performing artists, ourselves we believe in sustaining the purest art form and the only way we can do it is by spreading awareness and generating interest. Our collaboration will provide a platform to all the passionate and eager learners here in Canada versus traveling to India and looking for it. It will also give them the platform to build a learning relationship which not only will teach them the depth of the art but also build ladder which they can climb to reach their ultimate goal.

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